Frequently Asked Questions

We love when people share what they have created using Kiwi Lane products. Please email us at

You can also post your designs on any of our social media channels: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram , or your own personal social media.

For a physical copy, attending a Get-Together (a party or class) is the best way to get a hold of the current product catalog. A small fee may apply. You can also view it online, or download it in PDF Format by clicking on “Catalog” at the bottom of this page in the footer.

Your Kiwi Lane Instructor is a great resource for ideas and inspiration. Make sure to check out their personal social media channels, and you can follow Kiwi lane’s social media channels as well (Facebook, Blog, Instagram etc). We also have our Idea Books which you can purchase from our shop, that are packed full of ideas and inspiration.

As a Hostess, you can earn discounts and credits toward your own order, and you will gain access to exclusive products that only a Hostess can buy! The amount of each reward that you receive will depend on the total sales of your Get-Together. For additional details take a look at our current Hostess Rewards.

Kiwi Classes are a great way to gain hands-on experience with our products and to engage your creativity in a fun, friendly environment. There is a class fee, but by the end of the Get-Together, everyone goes home with a finished project. Connect with your Instructor today to preview available classes and to start planning your Kiwi Class.

An Instructor runs her own home-based business that is engaged primarily in selling Kiwi Lane Products. This type of business gives you the freedom to make your own schedule, adapt your workload to fit your family’s needs, and build relationships with others that share similar passions and desires! Instructors enjoy constant support and ideas from Kiwi Lane, making the running of their independent businesses a lot easier.

Direct selling is the up-close-and-personal sale of products or services, instead of purchasing from a store or online. Direct sellers (also known as Consultants, or Instructors in our case) work as independent contractors, not employees, for the companies that make the products or services they sell.

Whether you want to purchase product, host a Get-Together, or become an Instructor yourself, our knowledgeable and friendly Instructors will be able to provide you with personalized service and instruction. Additionally, once you receive your order your Instructor can advise and inspire you to help you best utilize the product you purchased.

You can click on the “shop” link on your Kiwi Lane Instructor’s replicated website, and shop online.

The best way to buy Kiwi Lane products is by hosting a Get-Together! When you host a Get-Together, you have a chance to share the Play-to-Create system with your family and friends, and the best part is that you can earn free and half-priced products and have a lot of fun at the same time! Contact your Instructor to learn more about our awesome Hostess Rewards.

We are sorry to hear that! If you lost or are missing an item from your order, or are missing a piece from a Designer Template set, please email your Kiwi Lane Instructor or Customer Support, and we can help get that taken care of.

We would be happy to help you with that! Please email Customer Service for instructions.

We offer free shipping on orders over $35 (continental US only).

Unfortunately, once an order is placed it cannot be added to.

How long it takes to process your order(s) depends on what time of day, or day of the week that you place the order(s). Generally speaking, if an order is placed, and payment processed, by 1:00 pm EST, it will be shipped within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

Because of this, it is generally best to plan on 2 additional Business Days for order processing, above and beyond the estimated shipping times listed when you placed your order. And it is always a good idea to place your orders early enough so that you will receive them several days before you need them, just in case. Once we hand off packages to the various Postal Companies, it is up to them to deliver things in a timely manner, and although the carriers that we utilize have proven very dependable, it is inevitable that there will be the occasional mix-up, which will result in late delivery. So plan ahead, whenever possible!

No. Kiwi Lane is a direct selling company with an Independent sales force of Kiwi Lane Instructors who sell our products in Home Party or Class Environments that we call Get-Togethers. They may also hold online events or bring product to fairs, or trade shows.

If you have any questions about your order, please contact the Independent Kiwi Lane Instructor that you purchased from. You can find this information at the top of their replicated website in the top left corner.

We do love to help whenever we can, but it is on a case by case basis. To inquire about a donation for your event, please email Customer Service.

Yes, all items that will come into contact with your photos are archival and acid-free.

Each year, Kiwi Lane releases two new catalogs – one in March for the Spring/Summer season and one in September for the Fall/Winter season. These will include new product releases.

When we designed the Play-to-Create system, we worked hard to try and keep it simple and hands on. We wanted it to be low tech, and uncomplicated (and not to involve any complicated manuals to read!). Because of this, whether you are creating hand-made cards or scrapbooking layouts, the Play-to-Create system only requires a few basic, inexpensive tools.  All that you really need is:

  1. Ink
  2. Scissors
  3. Pencil
  4. Paper
  5. Adhesive
  6. Paper Trimmer
  7. Kiwi Lane Designer Templates

You will find that the more you are freed up to play with your designs, the more you will create and the more satisfying that creativity will be. Designer Templates and the Play-To-Create system are made to work with other scrapbooking products, and you will find that they will actually motivate and inspire you to pull out your other scrapbooking tools and use them to create your layouts and cards as well. Check out this post for some cutting tips.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the Designer Templates. That being said, here is a list of our top sellers:

Borders: Paisley Place, Sunnybrook Lane, Madison Ave.

Fun Borders: Cedar Trails, Chevrons, Happy Trails

Accessories: Accents, Adventure, Rings

Tiny Accessories: Tiny Accents, Tiny Bracket, Tiny Nature, Tiny Celebrate

Mini Borders: Mini Paisley, Mini Colter Trails, Mini Abbie

Card Borders: Adorn, Sincerely, Delight

The basic scrapbooking tools that you will need to get started are a paper trimmer, a pencil, some scrapbooking paper, and a pair of scissors (a good pair of scissors makes a big difference). We also recommend some ink to help hide any blemishes, and give your designs a nice finished look. For scrapbooking, you will also want your photos, and an album to keep your finished layouts in.

Other than that, all it takes to get started with scrapbooking is one Border and one Accessory Designer Template set of your choice. We highly recommend our Photo sets as well to help simplify the process even more, but they aren’t necessary. Click here to see our discounted combo options for scrapbooking.

For Card Makers all it takes to get started is a Card Border and a Tiny Accessory Designer Template set of your choice. Click here to see our discounted combo options for card making.

We developed the Play-to-Create® System as a back-to-basics approach to scrapbooking and card making. It facilitates the creativity that we believe is inside of us all and helps you to preserve your memories in a fun and beautiful way!

Kiwi Lane’s tagline is, “Play your way to creativity®”, and the Play-To-Create® System helps you do just that! Simply allow our Designer Templates to inspire you by playing with different ways of arranging and layering them, until you find a design that catches your eye! You will be surprised at the designs you will come up with or can easily recreate using this process. And it is so much fun!

Designer Templates are designing tools that give you the freedom to play with the design of your layouts or cards without the fear of making a mistake.

New, unused merchandise may be exchanged at no charge within 30 days of the shipping date. (You will need to pay for the shipping charge to return the merchandise to Kiwi Lane) The merchandise must be in the current catalog and in original shipping condition.

ALL returns need to include the original packing slip, a completed and signed Exchange Order Form, and the product in its original packaging.

Sorry, we do not offer cash refunds. If you require assistance, please email your Kiwi Lane Instructor.